Exploring the Features and Specs of Samsung Galaxy A72

Discover the Samsung Galaxy A72, a phone that blends style with practicality. With its advanced features and specs, you get an immersive experience wrapped in elegance. From taking stunning photos to seamless multitasking, this device promises performance at your fingertips.

As for affordability, the samsung a72  price in uae is competitive yet offers value for every dirham spent. Dive into what makes the Samsung A72 stand out from others; let’s unwrap its offerings feature by feature to see if it fits your mobile needs perfectly.  

Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy A72

Your new Samsung Galaxy A72 boasts a smooth, 90Hz Infinity-O display for your eyes’ pleasure. It’s all about clear views on its FHD+ Super AMOLED screen. Snap shots with the sharp quad rear camera—yes, it includes 3X Optical Zoom to get close without stepping forward.

This phone keeps you powered up; we’re talking two days of battery life here! Now that’s some lasting power right there in your hand. When comparing prices, especially if you’re from UAE looking for value – this device stands out among options within reach wallet-wise.

So when considering an upgrade or a fresh start, think about what the Samsung A72 offers. 

Sleek Design and Build Quality

The Samsung Galaxy A72 dazzles with its sleek design. Its large 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display, delivering FHD+ resolution and a smooth 90 Hz refresh rate is perfect for your games and shows. At just 205 grams with a potent 5,000 mAh battery inside, it feels light yet solid in hand.

Despite the polycarbonate build, nothing about this phone screams ‘cheap’. It’s functional — every detail matters here. Buttons are easy to press; you’ll find reaching them no problem at all—ideal for busy days when only one hand is free.

Notice how Samsung made the fingerprint sensor blend into the screen? Smooth to use though there might be slight delays sometimes—a small trade-off in an otherwise top-notch experience. This smartphone wasn’t built merely to look good—it was designed thoroughly so that whether scrolling through apps or watching movies becomes more enjoyable than ever before!

Vivid Display Specifications

The Galaxy A72’s screen is big and easy to look at. Samsung skipped the curved edges this time, just as with newer S models. This change means no more accidental touches when you hold it— a real plus!

It’s an FHD+ Super AMOLED that shows bright, lively colors. Whether for gaming or social media scrolling, it stays cool without heating up too much—it’s quite smooth in use. While I’m still testing its Snapdragon 720G chip for tough tasks like games, everyday actions are quick on the draw with no lag seen so far.

You’ll get these neat features without breaking your bank account either; they’re practical yet make life easier—a sweet deal indeed!  

Advanced Camera Capabilities Explored

Your Galaxy A72 comes with a camera that’s more than just good for shots. It packs an impressive 64MP in its quad-camera setup, ready to capture every detail. The OIS – Optical Image Stabilization keeps your photos sharp, even when you move.

The Space Zoom feature brings distant subjects closer without losing clarity. With Single Take, snap multiple pictures and videos with one press; the AI does the heavy lifting to give you a range of options to choose from. Plus, crafting clear 4K Video Snaps from high-res footage is now simple as pie.

Water or dust won’t stop this device either—its IP67 rating ensures it can handle splashes and specks like a champ! Looking at brilliant images on the go gets better too: scroll smoothly through your feed or watch videos come alive on its Infinity-O display boasting a swift 90Hz refresh rate.

Powerful Performance Under the Hood

In your Samsung Galaxy A72, powerful performance is key. With an octa-core processor at its core, it handles tasks fast. You get smooth gameplay and quick app launches without lag.

It comes with 6GB or 8GB of RAM which keeps apps running in the background ready for you when needed. Remember this phone’s built right to handle more than just calls; multitasking is a breeze even with multiple tabs open on your browser. Plus, because the chipset inside is power-efficient, the battery won’t drain too quickly while keeping up with daily demands – play games, stream videos or work all day long. 

Battery Life and Charging Speeds

You’ll see your Galaxy A72 stays alive all day with its big battery. Need a quick top-up? It charges fast, so you’re back to full power quickly.

The screen shines bright even in daylight; that’s great for outdoor use. Your games and scrolls are smooth too – thanks to the 90Hz rate it refreshes at, which is just above basic but still snappy. No waiting around when switching apps or browsing– it keeps up with you no problem!

Just know this: while charging speed wows, there’s no video HDR boost here – yet everything else looks vivid on its AMOLED display. 

Connectivity Options on A72

Your Galaxy A72 keeps you connected with its variety of options. It supports NFC, which lets you make wireless payments effortlessly—no need to dig for your wallet anymore! If music is what moves you, plug into the 3.5mm headphone jack and dive into clear soundscapes.

For online browsing or sharing large files fast, rely on this phone’s robust Wi-Fi and LTE capabilities; it won’t keep you waiting. Forget them because with a slot for memory cards up to 1TB in size alongside the ample onboard space, running out seems unlikely. Now go ahead: stream video seamlessly thanks to that brilliant AMOLED screen anytime without fear of battery drain—the powerful Qualcomm chipset balances power consumption perfectly. 

Operating System and Software Enhancements

Your Samsung Galaxy A72 just got better. With the new update, firmware version A725FXXU4BVC1 patches privacy holes and security gaps. It also brings you March’s Android security fixes, squashing over 50 vulnerabilities on your device.

Now in Russia, it will hit other places soon—stay tuned for India! For a quicker fix, go to Settings and check manually if it’s ready for download. This mid-range gadget has two storage types: 128GB or 256GB; both with plenty of RAM at 8GB.

The refresh boosts stability and general performance too—giving your phone a fresh feel without having to spend extra cash upgrading hardware.

Storage Variants & Expandability Features

Your Samsung Galaxy A72 comes with two memory choices. Pick from 128GB or double up to 256GB for more space. Pop in a microSD card and boost it further.

With the Snapdragon 720G chip plus options of 6GB or 8GB RAM, expect smooth sailing on your phone tasks every day. Now, let’s talk cameras – you get four at the back! Snap sharp photos with a sweet mix: a big-time 64MP main camera teamed up with a wide-viewing angle of its cool friend—the12MP ultrawide one.

A pro tip: capture far-off scenes using the added-in telephoto lens (that’s an extra handy trick!). Plus, there’s also this tiny yet mighty shooter for close-ups—the little guy called macro camera—neatly rounding off your photo toolbox! And yes—it stands strong against dust and water splashes; that’s thanks to its IP67 rating ensuring protection during unexpected rainchecks.

Keep going all-day-long since tucked inside rests a hefty battery we’re talking about—a solid block of power at five grand milliampere-hour—that keeps things lit without frequent charge breaks. 

Samsung APrice in UAE Market

In the UAE market, your Samsung Galaxy A72 comes at a great deal. You’ll choose from colors like Awesome Black to Blue, Violet and White. Trade in for value that may even cover all costs of this device!

Insurance tax is already included in prices shown – no surprises there. With options such as Samsung Finance+ EMI Offer, owning becomes easier on your pocket too; credit offered through Klarna Bank AB follows UK regulations strictly. Remember though: trade-in must work or charges apply later.

Get more bang for your buck by grabbing 5% cashback with every purchase using Samsung Pay Card – just note it’s not eligible alongside Klarna and PayPal payments. Make sure you select wisely if trading devices; balance can’t be higher than what A72 costs! While offers vary over time due to factors like standard annual inflation adjustments (expect bill shifts around April), these perks make getting hands-on with tech less burdensome now. 

Additional Accessories for Your A72

To fully leverage your Samsung A72’s 25W fast charging capability, consider buying a separate fast charger. The one included is just 15W. Your phone comes in colours like Awesome Black and more, adding style to function.

You’ll find essentials: a USB-C cable but note—no headphones or case here! It’s crucial for optimal use; grab some extras like screen protectors or cases online to keep your device safe and stylish. Remember, what you get may vary by where you live.

Need help picking accessories? Just drop us a comment—we’re here to assist!
The Samsung Galaxy A72 offers a rich blend of features. You’ll enjoy its vivid display, versatile camera system, and durable battery life. Its robust performance caters to both work tasks and entertainment needs effortlessly.

With added water resistance, it’s ready for your daily adventures too. If you have more queries or need further assistance with smartphones like the A72 at Wise Market UAE, our FAQ page provides additional support to ensure you make an informed decision tailored to your lifestyle.


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