At the prodding of the wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen

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“When these guys wholesale nfl jerseys are done each day, they’re so freaking dirty,” he says. “They have road dirt all over them. Before eating, they need to wash off.” Showers, he says, are provided at each team’s finish line station. It’s a magic ring forged of unspeakable evil evil that has finally awakened after centuries of dormancy. At the prodding of the wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen, very aptly cast here), Frodo embarks on a quest first to get the ring far away from his peaceful home, then eventually agreeing to destroy it in the volcanic fires in which it was forged. He finds aid in the form of a band of unlikely henchmen: a few hobbits from home, including his best pal Sam (Sean Cheap Jerseys from china Astin), the aforementioned Gandalf, a sophisticated elf (Orlando Bloom), a mean dwarf (John Rhys Davis, wholly unrecognizable), and a couple of tough humans (including one who just so happens to be a king in exile (Viggo Mortensen)).

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